71: Fourth Trimester: The First 24 Hours

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android LISTEN HERE: Episode 71 This week my co-host Lori Lynn and I are starting a little series called The Fourth Trimester. We are going to do four episodes about the first day, the first week, the first month, and finally the full three months of the fourth trimester. Today we’re kicking … Continue reading 71: Fourth Trimester: The First 24 Hours

Episode 14: Emily K.

Or listen here or here. On today's episode we're chatting with Anna's friend Emily. She's a wife and mom to two boys and she works part-time in a big office building downtown which means we inevitably ended up discussing breast pumps and other working mom dilemmas. Emily can see the humor in just about everything … Continue reading Episode 14: Emily K.

Episode 12: Jaime George, RN

Or listen here or here. Jaime George is our guest today. She's a friend of Rhiannon and Anna and she's also a registered nurse working on the labor and delivery floor at Dallas County's public hospital, Parkland. In her role she serves a diverse group of patients. While Jaime only sees patients for a few … Continue reading Episode 12: Jaime George, RN