74: Newborn Adoption with Whitney Peper

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android LISTEN HERE: Episode 74 This week we’re talking about the fourth trimester (and a little beyond) with an adoptive mom. I’ve known today’s guest for most of my life and it is a joy to bring her on the podcast to share her story. Whitney is finishing seminary and is in … Continue reading 74: Newborn Adoption with Whitney Peper

67: Exhausted + Sleep Deprived

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android LISTEN NOW: Episode 67 This week my co-host Lori Lynn Tucker and I sat down to chat about sleep deprivation. Specifically, we wanted to talk about solutions for sleep deprivation. We’ve got some practical tips and tricks as well as some outside the box ways to look at this season of … Continue reading 67: Exhausted + Sleep Deprived

47: Things You Never Say to a New Mom

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android Rhiannon and Anna are back today chatting about Things You Should Never Say to a New Mom. And of course we offer plenty of opinions on what we wish people would say instead. Anna gets especially riled up about some of these topics, so fair warning.  So grab a cup of … Continue reading 47: Things You Never Say to a New Mom

39: International and Embryo Adoptions

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android Today's guest is Jillian Burden. Anna followed Jillian’s story through her blog Adding a Burden as she and her husband adopted their son Arie, went through infertility treatments, embryo adoption, a miscarriage, and finally the birth of their twins. Jillian’s unique story has given her rich experiences and a grace-filled perspective on … Continue reading 39: International and Embryo Adoptions

Decision Fatigue

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android Have you ever reached the end of the day and had a meltdown because your husband asked you an innocent question and you just couldn’t manage to answer one more question? Have you ever wondered why you’re so tired after simply taking your child to the grocery store? Do you know … Continue reading Decision Fatigue

3-6 Months: A First Year Series

  Today is the second episode in our series The First Year. My co-host Rhiannon Fuller and I are chatting about what surprised us, what concerned us, and what our long-lasting memories are of the 3-6 month stage of babyhood.  So grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, and join us as … Continue reading 3-6 Months: A First Year Series