75: The Fourth Trimester: The First Month

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android LISTEN HERE: Episode 75 This week we’re continuing to talk about the fourth trimester. We’ve covered the first 24 hours, the first week, and now this time Lori Lynn and I are chatting about the first month postpartum. So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and join us … Continue reading 75: The Fourth Trimester: The First Month

62: Infant Mental Health

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android LISTEN HERE: Episode 62 This week I invited one of our most popular guests back to talk about some new work she’s doing. Keriann MacElroy is a sleep consultant with Dallas based Dream Factory Sleep Solutions and she was on episodes 16 and 17 discussing sleep and we did a bonus … Continue reading 62: Infant Mental Health

45: Tummy Safe Fitness with Beth Learn

  Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android Today I’m chatting with Beth Learn who has been an encouraging voice in my life for many years since I found her company Fit2B and started her fitness program. Beth is passionate about Tummy Safe fitness. But when you talk about fitness, especially with moms,  you inevitably are talking about … Continue reading 45: Tummy Safe Fitness with Beth Learn

0-3 Months: A First Year Series

  This is episode 25! And we're celebrating with a mini-series called The First Year. It's a deep-dive into the surprises, concerns, and lasting memories of the first year of babyhood. The first episode is all about the 0-3 month stage. So join us as we chat about lip ties, gummy smiles, and all the … Continue reading 0-3 Months: A First Year Series