93: Loneliness

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android LISTEN HERE: Episode 93 This week our episode is all about loneliness in motherhood. Whether it’s a challenging baby, a lack of mom friends or family, or struggles in your marriage, most of us have experienced loneliness in our first year as a mom. So grab a cup of coffee or … Continue reading 93: Loneliness

Episode 13: Know Your Nos

Or listen here or here. On this episode we're getting a little silly, chatting about knowing when to say no. And as a bonus, we give you ideas about what to say yes to instead. So join us as we chat about stretchy pants, scales, and hot coffee. Show notes: SNL skit Diva Cup Put a … Continue reading Episode 13: Know Your Nos

Ep. 5: Katie Purkey

Or listen here or here. In today's episode, Rhiannon and Anna sit down with Katie Purkey to discuss her postpartum experiences. She had three c-sections and breastfeeding struggles that were painful, both physically and emotionally. But she speaks with such tenderness about the wonder of holding her babies. It might make you want another one!! … Continue reading Ep. 5: Katie Purkey