39: International and Embryo Adoptions

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android Today's guest is Jillian Burden. Anna followed Jillian’s story through her blog Adding a Burden as she and her husband adopted their son Arie, went through infertility treatments, embryo adoption, a miscarriage, and finally the birth of their twins. Jillian’s unique story has given her rich experiences and a grace-filled perspective on … Continue reading 39: International and Embryo Adoptions

Postpartum in a Trailer in North Dakota

Rachel Swanson is the host of The Same Here Podcast and the artist behind Courage and Birch. And she is also a wife and mom to three kids. Today she's sharing her story of preeclampsia recovery, battling her desire for control, and the months she and her baby moved to a trailer in North Dakota … Continue reading Postpartum in a Trailer in North Dakota