Episode 11: Body Image

Or listen to episode 11 here or here. Our body image is a hard place to find peace and health. Most of us have stories beginning in our youth that affect our body image and the postpartum season brings out a lot of those hurts and fears. In episode 11, Rhiannon and Anna share their … Continue reading Episode 11: Body Image

Episode 10: Dr. Robin Shuchman

Or listen to the podcast here or here In this episode of The Post Party Anna and Rhiannon invited Rhiannon's chiropractor Robin Shuchman to share her perspective on the post baby season. Robin is a doctor of chiropractic and also has bachelor's degrees in dietetics and anatomy. She shares about chiropractic care for postpartum women and … Continue reading Episode 10: Dr. Robin Shuchman

Ep. 6: Motherhood Mantras

Or listen here or here. In today's episode, Rhiannon and Anna talk about the mantras that get them through motherhood. Whether you're battling perfectionism, comparison, emotions, or just need a perspective shift, there's a mantra that can help you get through the long days. Show Notes Highly Sensitive Ann Voskamp - 10 Point Manifesto for … Continue reading Ep. 6: Motherhood Mantras