38: Your Body’s Bits and Bobbles

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android Today we are continuing our series on the post baby body by discussing what we lovingly call the “bits and bobbles.” Bits being hair wisps and tiny bits of brittle nail that chip off for no reason and bobbles obviously being the extra cushion and skin around your middle. And many … Continue reading 38: Your Body’s Bits and Bobbles

Dressing Your Postbaby Body

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android We’re chatting with Brittany Thomas of Pinthrift about dressing your post baby body. Most moms spend months to years with a body that is changing. Brittany used that frustration to create a business selling upscale thrift finds for resale.  So grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, and … Continue reading Dressing Your Postbaby Body

Your Postbaby Body

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts  Android Our upcoming series will include: Brittany of Pinthrift discussing dressing your postpartum body Cara, a women's health physical therapist discussing pelvic floor health Alicia, a therapist, discussing the postbaby brain and emotions and several more we're still scheduling! If you want to support the podcast, consider joining us as patrons. For … Continue reading Your Postbaby Body