Listener Supporters

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Becoming a listener supporter is a good fit for you:

  • if you love The Post Party (or The Post Party co-hosts ;))
  • if you believe in the mission of The Post Party to make sure no mom is walking through the postpartum and postadoption season alone
  • if you want to make sure The Post Party can keep going and expand its reach to new moms
  • if you think moms deserve encouragement and a place to share their postpartum and postadoption stories
  • if you believe that helping women through major life transitions is a vital ministry

If any of that rings true AND you have some extra money every month, would you please become a listener supporter of The Post Party? For the cost of a coffee, a bottle of cheap wine, half a ticket to a movie, or what-have-you, you can help us keep The Post Party rolling and reaching out to new moms. That’s about $1 per episode.

Putting together a podcast requires regular expenses for equipment, podcast hosting, website hosting, graphics, etc. etc. Not to mention a lot of time!

And if all that rings true, but you can’t afford to become a listener supporter? We understand. We’ve been there too and sometimes you just can’t spare anything and still take care of your family. You can still support The Post Party in these other ways:

  • subscribe to the show
  • share the podcast
  • leave a review in iTunes
  • interact with us on social media.

Thanks for considering becoming a listener supporter,
Anna and Rhiannon