Affiliates and Sponsors

Fit2b is an online exercise community focused on strengthening your core in a way that won’t further damage muscles that are recovering from pregnancy. Anna found Fit2B after about of year of painful recovery from my first birth and  she’s been a paying member of the Fit2B community ever since. Beth Learn, the founder of Fit2B was the first person to teach her about diastasis recti – the gap in your abdominal muscles that is a common side effect of pregnancy. There are so many courses to choose from and pathways if you need it spelled out for you. Plus there is a fantastic and supportive facebook group for Fit2B members where you can ask your questions and get personal feedback from Beth.

*Anna is an affiliate of Fit2B so if you use our link and make a purchase, we will receive a small kickback that will be used to support the podcast.