91: Postpartum Body Image

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It’s been a crazy few weeks at my house. And I’m working on plans for the podcast’s future. But part of those plans included spending the weekend moving rooms around in our house so I can have an office. And I’m also dealing with some lingering issues in my back and pelvis that I’ve talked about on the show before. Plus job changes for my husband, crazy kids, homeschooling, you know the drill. So, I decided to dig into our backlist and re-play one of my favorite episodes this week.
The Body Image episode was originally aired as Episode 11. It features Rhiannon, my original co-host and I talking about our body image postpartum. I think about this topic a lot. And it’s really really important to me. Body image issues are a MAJOR problem for all women and the time around pregnancy and birth is a common trigger for eating disorders.
So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and join us as we revisit this chat about comments that may not be so well-meaning after all, feeling invisible, and why I firmly believe that it’s best to never compliment a woman on her body.


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