57: Surviving and Leaving an Abusive Marriage

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Our special guest and Anna birthed their second sons within days of the other, but their postpartum stories were dramatically different. Our guest brought her son home to a broken and abusive marriage that further disintegrated and eventually ended in divorce last year. She’s on the podcast today to share what it was like to survive and leave an abusive marriage while also taking care of two young children. We’ve decided to leave out most of the specific details of the abuse and divorce for the sake of the other people involved, but Anna personally walked with our guest through this season of her life and we are so glad she’s open to share what she has learned.

This episode is for the moms still in abusive marriages and all their friends who are trying to help them.

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and join us as we talk about the anatomy of a destructive relationship, the beauty of a supportive community, and what our guest believes the best first step is if you are in a destructive relationship and you don’t know what to do.  


Show Notes:

Mentioned on the show:

  • MOPS
  • The nose vac

Resources our guest recommends:

  • This podcast helps to define domestic abuse.  This is probably the best starting place.  It features two women who have great insight into the difference between normative sin that’s present in a marriage and the cycle of abuse present in a marriage (one of which is an LPC who specializes in domestic violence).
  • This sermon defines “Hyper-Headship” as domestic abuse.  Which spoke to all of the things that I knew to be true of the gospel.  It also validated the ways I knew that scripture was being perverted in effort to keep me in an oppressive marriage.  Not sure if it would be neutral enough for your listeners?
  • Understanding Abuse by Bob Hamp This is a counselor out of Grapevine, explaining the origin of abuse (the programming that tells us, “I’m not a victim, I have the tools to help him.”) and unpacking what abuse can look like in the context of a marriage….I really love his explanation of the misplacement of responsibility.
  • These two books were eye-opening and life-changing for me, truly.  I felt like I was finally, fully seen and that someone understood the depth of my pain and confusion.



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