50: Mom Hacks for New Moms and New Babies

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Today’s episode we have a guest co-host Gina Ferguson and we’re chatting mom hacks. Gina was a guest way back on episode 3 when she was a few weeks away from giving birth to her fourth. She loves a good mom hack and so do I so we sat down and chatted about some of our favorite hacks for taking care of baby, going out, feeding baby, and organizing for baby. 

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and join us as we chat about the best spot in the parking lot, the many genius uses for diapers, and my bossy opinions about sippy cups. 

Show Notes:

5:00 Taking care of baby

  • activity
  • diapering 
  • medicine
  • gas
  • fat baby necks
  • bathing

16:56 Going Out

  • parking lots
  • diaper bag alternative
  • strollers
  • shopping cart
  • bathing suits
  • multiple uses for diapers and wipes

29:53 Feeding

39:55 Organizing

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