45: Tummy Safe Fitness with Beth Learn


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Today I’m chatting with Beth Learn who has been an encouraging voice in my life for many years since I found her company Fit2B and started her fitness program. Beth is passionate about Tummy Safe fitness. But when you talk about fitness, especially with moms,  you inevitably are talking about so much more and Beth is right there, diving into the hard stuff, helping moms figure out what it means to be strong and fit for the life they are living. 

I enjoyed this chat so much and I could have talked to Beth for ages. I will be releasing our full, unedited conversation to our listener supporters here. For only $5 a month you can support the podcast and get access to this and other interviews, deleted clips, and other goodies from The Post Party.  

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and join us as we chat about what Tummy Safe Fitness is, how moms can know if they are fit to exercise, and knowing when to multi-task and when to stop everything and focus on one thing at a time. 

Show Notes:

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