Your Pelvic Floor with Cara Hartoon, PT DPT

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We are kicking off our series The Postbaby Body with Cara Hartoon, PT, DPT. Cara is a physical therapist who specializes in women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction. She practices at Centre of Physical Rehabilitation in Plano, TX. Cara is on the show to discuss pelvic floor health for postpartum moms (and other women too – we all have pelvic floors!) If you’ve ever wondered if there’s hope for your pelvic pain, painful sex, organ prolapse, embarrassing incontinence, or fractured tailbone, Cara will explain it all. We also discuss what you can do while pregnant to help your pelvic floor out, and the details of what an exam for pelvic floor therapy is like. You will not want to miss this episode!!!

Show Notes:


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