Episode 12: Jaime George, RN

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Jaime George is our guest today. She’s a friend of Rhiannon and Anna and she’s also a registered nurse working on the labor and delivery floor at Dallas County’s public hospital, Parkland. In her role she serves a diverse group of patients.

E12.Quote of the week

While Jaime only sees patients for a few hours postpartum, we wanted to have her on because she, and nurses like her, play such a pivotal role in birth. And because processing your and or your child’s birth story is an important mental and emotional process of the postpartum or postadoption season, we wanted to have her speak about her job.

Our hope is that as you listen to Jaime describe her work, typical day, challenges, and what she feels and thinks as she goes about her work, you will get a perspective about birth that helps you process your family’s story.





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