Episode 10: Dr. Robin Shuchman

E10.Quote of the week https://thepostparty.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/e10-robinshuchman.mp3

Or listen to the podcast here or here

In this episode of The Post Party Anna and Rhiannon invited Rhiannon’s chiropractor Robin Shuchman to share her perspective on the post baby season.

Robin is a doctor of chiropractic and also has bachelor’s degrees in dietetics and anatomy. She shares about chiropractic care for postpartum women and babies as well as information about hormones and nutrition. Our conversation also included a heartfelt discussion about honest friendships with women where we share the real, sometimes embarrassing, stuff that is going on in our life. We also laughed a lot.

You can find Dr. Robin at Pavillion Chiropractic and on instagram.

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